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EL Monte RV Hire in the USA
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El Monte Terms & Conditions
All Rates shown in US Dollars

El Monte RV Locations:

  • Chicago (ORD): Art's RV Service Center, 21 W. 700 North Ave., Glen Ellyn, IL 60137-3522
  • Dallas (DFW): 3500 S. Central Expressway (Hwy 75), McKinney, Texas, 75070
  • Denver (DEN): c/o All Stars RV, 5989 Main street, Louviers, Colorado, 80131
  • Las Vegas (LAS) : 3800 Boulder Highway Las Vegas, NV, 89121
  • Los Angeles (LAX): 12818 Firestone Blvd, Santa Fe Springs, California, 90670
  • Miami (MIA): c/o Tires 4 Less, 18645 SW 103rd Ct. Miami, Florida, 33157
  • New Jersey / New York (NYC): 3401 B Tremley Point Rd, Linden, New Jersey, 07036
  • Orlando (MCO): 3800 W Colonial Drive, Orlando, Florida, 32808
  • Phoenix (PHX): c/o Anthem RV and Boat, 44019 N. Black Canyon Hwy, New River, AZ, 85087
  • Salt Lake City (SLC): c/o Hugh's RV, 250 South Highway 89, North Salt Lake City, Utah, 84054
  • San Francisco / Dublin (SFO): 6301 Scarlett Court, Dublin, California, 94568
  • San Diego (SAN): c/o Santee Rents, 8665 Mission Gorge Road, Santee, California, 92071
  • Vancouver - Ferndale / Bellingham (YVR): 5242 Pacific Highway, Ferndale, Washington, 98248

Motorhome Options:

Model Year Definition

ĎModel Yearí is a standard industry-wide term employed by US automobile and motor home manufacturers to designate annually changing vehicle designs. ĎModel Yearí does not indicate the year in which a vehicle was manufactured. A 2017 design or Ďmodelí, for example, may be manufactured anytime during the 2016 or 2017 calendar year. The model year of an El Monte RV vehicle is always indicated on the vehicle registration.

El Monte RV Motor Homes
El Monte RV continuously strives to provide our international guests with the best possible motor home product in the industry. To this end, we purchase units only from top RV manufacturers who make them to our higher than average specifications. All motor homes are 100% walk-through, equipped with 110V generator, microwave oven, CD player, and modestly branded.

Motor Home Specifications
Motor home photos, drawings and floor plans provided are examples only. Sleeping capacities are recommendations only and do not mean like number of adults or full-size teenagers can be accommodated comfortably within every unit of a size category. Features and amenities are representative and may be changed, added to or deleted without notice. Bed sizes vary from unit to unit within size categories and cannot be guaranteed. Specific floor plans or models will vary within a category and cannot be reserved or guaranteed.

Motor Home Lengths
Motor home lengths will vary within each size category. Specific floor plans, models or lengths cannot be reserved or guaranteed. It is the wholesalerís responsibility to explain clearly in their brochure that motor home category designations do not represent the exact length. For example, if you designate the Class C Slide-Out model as an FS31, the lengths within this category may range from 30 feet to over 32 feet.

Vehicle Kit Inclusions:

El Monte Personal Kits includes:
  • BlanketsSheetsPillowPillow CaseBath Towel
  • Hand Towel
  • Wash ClothDish TowelDinner PlateSilverwareCoffee Cup
  • Saucer
El Monte Kitchen Kit includes:
  • Water PitcherStrainerKettle4 pieces of CutleryMopPan CoversCorkscrewsSalad Bowls2 qt Sauce Pan
  • 1 qt Sauce Pan
  • BucketFrying Pan Dutch OvenClothes Hangers BroomPotato PeelerBottle OpenerPlatterTrash Can
  • Dust Pan
El Monte Starter Pack includes:
  • First Tank of PropaneFirst Tank of Toilet Chemicals
  • Toilet Paper
  • Environmental Impact Fees
  • Licensing Fees
Please note
- that Kit items and quantities may vary by location. Items may be substituted without notice.
- Kit items are for rent and must be returned to rental locations.


  • All motor home sizes are outfitted with a 110 Volt generator.
    The use of the generator is not required for normal vehicle operation. Customers will be charged either per rental night for unlimited use, or per hour as determined by a time meter. Charges payable at the counter. If All-Inclusive Package is purchased unlimited generator usage is included.
  • Prepaid generator charges upon vehicle return are non-refundable.


VIP and Insurance Charges
Vehicle Incident Protection (VIP) with USD $1000 deductible per incident…Included
Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI)… USD $10 per day**
Mexico Auto Liability Insurance (MALI).. USD $22 per day

SLI starts where the State Limits end and increase the protection against Third Party Liability claims to US $1 Million. So SLI is only in effect if the Third Party Liability claims exceeds the State Limits. Please see list of State Limits - PDF 101kb

Liability Coverage:

El Monte RV is not responsible for travel operators’ or their agents’ misrepresentation of facts described in the insurance paragraphs included below.
  • All coverage and waivers are subject to the expressed terms and conditions of the rental contract signed by the client on pick up. In the event of an accident, renter and / or driver must disclose to El Monte RV any insurance coverage they may have.
  • All insurance and/or coverage is void if renter operates the rental vehicle in violation of any federal or applicable state, province, local laws, rules, regulations or ordinances.
  • This outline is not a complete description of the various coverage plans. The El Monte RV rental agreement contains the complete legal provisions of the plans.
  • Insurance and coverage plans are subject to change without notice.

A.) Public Liability:
El Monte RV maintains insurance coverage for liability claims, property damage and / or personal injuries resulting from the operation of an El Monte RV vehicle. Our coverage provides third party legal limits to protect the renter and authorized drivers. Liability coverage is limited to the minimum financial limits determined by the US state or Canadian province in which the incident occurred.

Claims in excess of the state or province limits may arise. These claims are the responsibility of the renter. El Monte RV assumes no responsibility for such liability claims unless the client has purchased the Supplemental Liability Insurance.

B. Vehicle Incident Protection (VIP):


USA and Canada


Included in the rate

El Monte RV offers VIP coverage which is separate protection that reduces Renterís financial responsibility for all physical damage to the Rental Vehicle to the applicable deductible of $1000. VIP is a contractual agreement between the El Monte RV and the Renter, wherein El Monte RV agrees not to collect more than the applicable deductible of $1000 per occurrence from Renter for damages to the Rental Vehicle, coverage is pursuant to the terms and conditions of the then applicable rental contract.

C. Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI):


USA and Canada

USD $10 per night; No maximum amount.


  • Supplemental Liability Insurance provides excess auto liability insurance that protects the renter for the difference between the underlying insurance and up to USD $1,000,000 against claims by a third party for bodily injury and / or property damage sustained as a result of an accident while operating the El Monte RV rental vehicle.
  • If the renter resides outside the United States and is covered by a foreign Liability Insurance policy, the foreign Liability Insurance coverage will be excess / secondary over the SLI purchased pursuant to the rental contract.

There is no deductible with the Supplemental Liability Insurance.

Include but are not limited to the following:

  • Use of a rental vehicle in violation of the terms and conditions of the rental contract.
  • Motor home or vehicle damage caused while driving under the influence of alcohol and / or narcotics.
  • Accidents arising out of the use of a rental vehicle by an unauthorized driver.
  • Renter's liability for damage to the rental vehicle.

D. Mexico Auto Liability Insurance (MALI):
El Monte RV’s Mexico Auto Liability Insurance is required protection which the renter must obtain from El
Monte RV when renting an El Monte RV vehicle and will be traveling in Mexico. Being added to El Monte
RV’s Mexico Auto Liability Insurance policy provides excellent coverage and eliminates the hassles of trying to
obtain insurance at the border.

  • A written permit from El Monte RV is required for border crossing.
  • El Monte RV's Mexico Auto Liability Insurance must be purchased at the rental counter.
  • Client may purchase coverage only for the specific days that they will be in Mexico.
  • There is no reimbursement for repairs or lost use incurred while vehicle is in Mexico.

Mexico Auto Liability Insurance is only valid when traveling in Mexico and according to the laws of Mexico.

Cost: USD $22 per calendar date that the vehicle will be in Mexico. No maximum amount.

This insurance provides coverage for physical damage to or total theft of the El Monte RV rental vehicle, third party liability and medical payments. Coverage also includes legal assistance to aid in the prevention of the
driver from going to jail.

  • Physical damage: Limited to ACV (actual cash value) for collision, upset, overturn, etc.
  • Total theft: Limited to ACV. Coverage excludes partial theft.
  • Auto liability: $1,000,000 combined single limit for property damage & bodily injury.
  • Medical payments: $3,000 per person and $15,000 per accident.
  • Legal assistance: Included


  • Physical damage: The deductible for physical damage is 5% of the actual cash value of the RV, with a minimum deductible of $1,000.
  • Total theft: The deductible for total theft is 10% of the actual cash value of the RV, with a minimum deductible of $1,000. Coverage excludes partial theft.
  • Auto liability: No deductible
  • Medical payments: No deductible
  • Legal assistance: No deductible
Exclusions: Included but are not limited to the following:
  • Use of a rental vehicle in violation of the terms and conditions of the rental contract.
  • Accidents which occur while renter is under the influence of alcohol and /or narcotics.
  • Accidents arising out of the use of a rental vehicle by an unauthorized driver.
  • Coverage excludes partial theft.

Security Deposit:
 - A USD $1,000 security deposit is required at the time of departure.
 - We require that the deposit be guaranteed by a major non-debit credit card such as Visa, MasterCard or American Express with sufficient credit balance to cover this amount. No ATM/debit cards such as EuroCard or pre-paid credit cards are accepted. Cash or Travelers Checks are not accepted.
  - The security deposit will be charged on the customerís credit card on pick up, then refunded upon return provided that the rental vehicle is returned clean inside, undamaged and on time. The USD $1,000 may take up to 8 weeks to be credited back to the customerís credit card. Currency conversion fees are clientís responsibility. Cash or Travellers Checks are not accepted.

Burning Man:
 - Due to the high volume of rentals going to Burning Man, there may be a additional surcharge for the Burning Man Event. Bookings should be for a minimum of 13 nights and not dropping off in San Francisco on September 05, 2017 nor September 06, 2017.
 -  SFO will be closed for pickups and returns on September 03, 04 (Labor Day).

First Night Accommodation:

  • We strongly recommend that clients spend their first night in the United States in a hotel.
  • Transfers are restricted to hotels mentioned in the   Transfer Information Area
  • No refunds are given for self-transfer.
  • No transfers are provided for same day flight arrivals

Transfer Procedure:

  • Complimentary Shuttle Transfers are available at DFW, LAS, LAX, MCO, NYC, SFO, and YVR offices.
  • Transfers with the PAD option are available at DFW, LAS, LAX, MCO, NYC and SFO offices. PAD Fee applies.
  • Transfers to or from rental station may be subject to restrictions or limitations beyond El Monte RVís control. In such circumstances transfers may be the financial and logistical responsibility of the renter.
  • Contact number: Client must call 1-800-367-6507* no later than 9:00 am the morning of motor home takeover to schedule pick up time and confirm hotel entrance. Under no circumstances should clients arrive unannounced.
  • Toll Free Transfer Telephone numbers are area code directed. Customers must use a land based telephone (hotel, car rental, pay phone etc) in order to be directed to the correct pick up location. Cell phone users must use the direct telephone numbers for each location (see ĎLocation Maps and Hotel Informationí pages). Clients using a cell phone to call El Monte RVís toll-free number while in NYC, for example, for a pick up the next day in MCO would be connected to the NYC station.
  • NYC Midtown Manhattan transfers are charged USD $80 per direction. Pickups occur after 1pm. station.

Priority AM Departure (PAD) Program:

  • PAD locations: Restricted to the following locations: LAS, LAX, MCO, NYC and SFO. PAD Fee applies.
  • Hotel restrictions: PAD is restricted solely to those hotels designated as PAD hotels mentioned in the |  Transfer Information Area.
  • Hotel notification: Client or agent must inform El Monte RV of PAD hotel no fewer than 7 days prior to vehicle takeover date. If you fail to notify less than 7 days prior to takeover, client will either have to accept standard transfer, or provide their own transfer at their own cost. No Exceptions.
  • Contact numbers: PAD Transfer instructions.
    A pre-recorded message is available at 1-800-337-2199* which instructs at what time and at which entrance clients should wait for transfer shuttle:
    It is recommended that clients also call 1-800-367-6507* the day before motor home takeover to confirm pick up time and hotel entrance.
  • Transfer time: PAD Shuttle generally arrives between 7:15 am - 8:00. PAD transfer may begin as early as 6:45 am. Therefore, it is necessary that clients call 1-800-337-2199 beforehand for exact times.
  • PAD surcharge: This option guarantees a departure-ready motor home by 11 am. PAD surcharge is $65. ($125 from 01 April 2016)
    Please indicate PAD hotel at time of booking. There are no refunds for PAD surcharge if we do not receive PAD hotel information 7 days prior to pick up. No exceptions.

Motor Home Takeover and Return Policies:

  • Takeover time: After 1:00 pm. Subject to vehicle readiness.
    - Even though clients may be picked up or arrive earlier on their own (except PAD).
    - Latest motor home takeover time is 1 hour before station's official closing time.
  • Day of departure: No refund if client picks up later than the booked day of departure.
  • Return time: Between 8:00 am and 11:00 am.
    - A USD $50+ per hour penalty will be charged for returns after 11:00 am without prior authorization from rental station.
    - Clients with an early flight must make prior arrangements with rental station for possible earlier transfer to airport. Clients may have to return by 11:00 am a day early to obtain courtesy shuttle, or arrange other means of transportation. No refunds for early return.
    - Early returns: No refund for any reason if rental is terminated by clients before the scheduled return date.

Client Requirements:

  • Renter (contract signer) must be at least 21 years of age and in possession of valid identification (driver's license and passport, etc.).
  • Additional drivers must be present at pick up of the rental vehicle and sign the rental agreement. There is no charge for additional drivers.
  • Authorized drivers must be at least 21 years of age with a valid driver’s license and identification, and be listed on the rental agreement. An International Driver's License is recommended, though not required.
  • A major credit card such as Visa, MasterCard, Amex (no ATM/debit cards such as EuroCard) with available credit is required for the Security Deposit and all charges paid at the counter. Cash or Travellers Checks are not accepted. The credit card must be issued to the signer or co-signer of the contract.

International Address Requirement

  • El Monte RV’s International Rental Program and rates are designated exclusively for non- domestic clientele, i.e. for those clients living outside of the United States and having no US address.
  • El Monte RV reserves the right not to accept bookings from clients residing within the United States even though they may have reserved through an international wholesaler.
  • El Monte RV reserves the right to rebook clients residing within the United States using standard domestic rates and conditions.
  • It is strongly recommended that wholesalers and their representatives inform their reservation department of this policy.
  • It is the responsibility of the travel wholesaler / tour operator to identify customer’s residency.

Customer Orientation:
Clients will receive a full orientation of their motor home, including clients’ maintenance and use responsibility
Orientation consists of a video in English, German, Spanish or Japanese introducing the general concepts of
motor home use and safety tips, as well as a personal walk-around of motor home with the client by a qualified

Operator manuals are provided for clients to take with them in English and German. Additionally, clients receive from the rental station a regional campground directory and location map with directions to nearest supermarkets and gas stations.

Luggage Storage:

  • Luggage storage is available on a limited basis at the following locations: DFW, LAS, LAX, MCO, NYC, SFO, YVR. No guarantee of luggage storage is made for: ABQ, ATL, BOS, DEN, IAD, MIA, ORD, PHX, SLC & SAN.
  • To facilitate the pick up and drop off procedures, we recommend that clients carry their luggage in their vehicle. Soft-sided or collapsible bags are best for storage.
  • Luggage storage is at the client's own risk and is not available for one-way rentals.
  • Luggage capacity of courtesy shuttles is limited and may require clients with excess luggage or oversized items to store and later retrieve them from their hotel.

Pets are allowed. Client is responsible for all damage and may be surcharged for special cleaning.

Lost Items
El Monte RV is not responsible for items left in the motor home after client’s return and reserves the right to
donate or dispose of them as it sees fit. Left items cannot be mailed to client.

Maintenance and Use Responsibility:
Client is responsible for routine maintenance while traveling (checking coolant, oil, tire pressure, etc.), as well as immediately reporting mechanical failures. Clients may be held responsible for mechanical damage due to negligence of operation and /or performing normal maintenance. Tools for vehicle repair and tire change are not provided since clients are not authorized to make repairs. 

Reimbursements & Refunds:
El Monte RV operates one of the newest fleets in the industry. Yet as motor homes are mechanical devices they may occasionally develop problems.

  • Refunds for Mechanical problems: In the event of a mechanical problem requiring repairs over USD $75 clients must call El Monte RVís On-The-Road Support for authorization. A toll free number is provided for assistance with problems, questions, etc.: at 1-800-367-4707. Contact can be made also at: Clients will be reimbursed on return and upon presentation of receipts and any replaced parts. No repair receipts over USD $75 will be reimbursed without prior authorization.
  • Additional Items: In the unlikely event that items are missing from kitchen or personal kits, or for example if a client needs an additional blanket, or needs to replace an item for the motor home such as a water hose, sewer hose, etc., the client may purchase these items without prior approval and will be refunded at return upon presentation of valid receipts, provided they not total more than USD $75.
  • Breakdowns: In the event of a mechanical breakdown requiring the vehicle to be in repair for more than 12 hours, El Monte RV will refund lost-use rental charges only. El Monte RVís maximum liability shall be for the refund of nightly rental charges or fractions thereof. No claims for rental car, hotel, telephone, etc., will be accepted.
  • Accompanying vehicles: Accompanying vehicles are not eligible for compensation.
  • Travel Agent Assistance: Contacting one's travel agency or tour operator will have no affect on the availability and/or speed of vehicle towing, repairs and/or replacement and no compensation of any kind will be given for communication costs incurred. Clients should be instructed by their travel agency/tour operator to coordinate the repair efforts only with El Monte RVís On-The-Road Support and to discuss compensation with the staff at the return rental counter.
  • Non-essential items: Radio, air-conditioning, refrigerator, generator, microwave, appliances, automatic step and cruise control, are not considered mechanical breakdowns.
  • Client Complaints: Client refund or reimbursement requests must be received in writing with all supporting documentation no later than 45 days after rental return to be eligible for compensation consideration. El Monte RV reserves the right to take up to 60 days after receipt of the complaint to investigate and respond.
  • On The Road Support Contact requirement: In order to be eligible for any lost-use refund during their rental period clients must contact El Monte RVís On-The-Road Support and start a Customer Service Log with them and must have followed all instructions, self-help tips, and/or recommendations for repairs. - Customers declining On-The-Road Support instructions, recommendations or appointments for repairs will not be eligible for lost-use compensation. - All vehicle lost-use issues must be verified by a pre-authorized repair facility and/or by location staff upon return and only after issues are validated will any compensation be considered. - No consideration for lost-use will be given if it is determined any issues were operator error.
  • Loss of Rental: Clients may be charged up to the amount of the deductible for companyís lost rental revenue due to the down time based on an estimated time for motor home repair.

On The Road Support:

  • Roadside Assistance: 1-800-367-4707. Open every day during business hours and most holidays and extended hours in peak season. Support staff may also be reached via email:
  • In order to be eligible for a lost-use refund client must have contacted El Monte RV's Roadside Assistance department during their rental period and must have followed Roadside's instructions, self-help tips, and / or recommendations for repair.
  • On The Road Support is a courtesy service provided by El Monte RV for our customers. They are not authorized to determine refunds. Any refund consideration can only be made by the return location manager.
  • Under certain circumstances a replacement vehicle may be provided to the client. El Monte RV, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to determine if, where and when a vehicle exchange will take place.
  • In the event of an accident involving an El Monte RV rental vehicle, no matter who was at fault, El Monte RV reserves the right to determine if, where and when a vehicle exchange will take place.
  • Under most circumstances, if client for any reason was at fault in causing incapacitation of their motor home they will be required to pay the costs incurred in delivering a replacement unit to them as well as any damage deductible up to USD $5,000.
  • Should clients violate the terms and conditions by driving intoxicated, under the use of drugs, or should they fall asleep at the wheel or drive negligently the USD $5000 deductible is voided and the customer will be responsible for all costs involved in replacing, towing and repairing of damaged motorhome. Client's financial responsibility includes but is not limited to the rental vehicle. Clients may be charged "lost use" for the time needed for recovery and / or repair. repair.

Travel Restrictions:

  • Clients are restricted from traveling to certain regions due to road conditions, extreme weather, acts of God, security alerts and /or availability of support. Restrictions are subject to change without notice and are determined solely by El Monte RV.
  • El Monte RV accepts no responsibility for any motor home damage, vacation delays, time loss, or travel restrictions as a result of but not limited to road conditions, extreme weather, acts of God, security alerts and/or availability of support.
  • Clients are responsible for knowing and following the travel restrictions and for informing themselves of possible changing conditions.
    El Monte RV, to the best of its ability, will provide clients as much information at time of pick up as possible but is not liable for any delays or detours client may encounter.
  • Violation of these travel restrictions voids insurance and coverage option under the terms and conditions of the rental contract.

    Please note the following restrictions:
    1) Off-road: Travel on non-public, unpaved and / or 'logging' roads is not permitted at any time.

    2) Death Valley: Traveling in or traversing Death Valley is not permitted in July and August. In May, June and September travel is permitted, however, customer is fully responsible for all mechanical problems and/or towing or vehicle recovery costs. Ground temperatures can reach 140º F or 60º C
    During July / August clients maybe required on pick up to sign and acknowledge these restrictions.

    3) Mexico: Travel is permitted at client's own risk and only with purchase of El Monte RV's Mexico Auto Liability Insurance (MALI), available at all southwest locations. However, there is no reimbursement for repairs, lost use or deductibles for damage when in Mexico.

    4) New York City / Manhattan: Travel is not permitted.

    5) Alaska / Northern Canada: Travel is permitted at client's own risk. However, there is no reimbursement for repairs or lost use.

    6) Winter: Travel during winter months is permitted. However, freezing conditions may occur in Spring
    and Fall at higher elevations and should be anticipated and precautionary measures taken. Clients are
    responsible for any damage due to systems freezing due to cold weather. As a precautionary measure,
    at certain locations water may be replaced by anti-freeze to prevent water systems from freezing.
    Clients are then not allowed to use any water systems, including the toilet or shower, until they have
    traveled to consistently above zero temperatures. In the event the clients want to replace the anti-freeze
    with water the client may be charged up to USD $150 to re-winterize or de-winterize the vehicle.

    7) Summer: Travel in summer months and /or in extreme temperatures can strain motor home systems such as roof and dash air conditioners, generator and refrigerator. We maintain our motor home fleet to accommodate all weather conditions; however, clients should be made aware that performance of motor home systems under extreme conditions cannot be guaranteed. Roof A/C units will only cool the interior of the motor home up to a maximum of 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature.

    8) Ontario / Quebec: Due to the increased incidence of theft motor homes are not allowed to be left unattended within the cities of Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City. We recommend leaving the motor home parked at a campground and use a taxis or public transportation. Details available at pick up location. Clients planning on traveling in these areas must inform rental station prior to departure.

    9) Vehicle Return: Clients who return the rental vehicle to any location other than the one booked and confirmed without prior authorization or who abandon the rental vehicle will be charged a recovery fee and penalty.

Traffic Tickets, Golden Gate Bridge Toll, Sun Pass:

  • Client is responsible for all traffic violations, fines, toll charges and/or citations incurred during the rental period.
  • Client may either pay for the fines themselves, or opt to hand the citation over to the rental office upon return for processing and payment. In addition to the citation amount clients will be charged a USD $25 administrative processing fee per infraction.
  • In the event of customer non-payment or failure to turn over any citations to El Monte RV, clients are responsible for the fine amount plus late penalties. Additionally, clients may be charged up to USD $250 per infraction for increased administrative processing.
  • Golden Gate Bridge tolls: El Monte RV will charge the customer the amount of the toll PLUS an additional USD $10 handling fee, using the credit card we have on file. This process is automatic. Clients must indicate upon pick up if they wish to opt out of this process. This service does NOT include traffic or parking infractions.
  • Florida Sun Pass Toll Lane Transponder: Clients have the option of renting a transponder for USD $6 per day which will automatically cover all tolls.

Fuel Consumption:

  • Fuel costs are clientís responsibility. Gasoline tanks are generally full at pick up and must be returned full or the difference will be estimated and the clients charged; or if not full the gasoline tank must be returned at the same level as at takeover or the difference will be estimated and the clients charged.
  • No claims are accepted as to fuel consumption. Fuel consumption will vary according to where and how a vehicle is driven. No claims are accepted as to fuel consumption if client is upgraded to a larger unit.

Vehicle Substitutions:

  • We make every effort to provide the clients with the model reserved. However, El Monte RV reserves the right to substitute models which are similar, higher rated; or longer as necessary; i.e. a Class A vehicle may be substituted for a cab-over Class C model; a C28 may be substituted for a C22.
  • No refunds for any reason (such as increased fuel consumption, ferry charges, campground fees, etc.) will be given due to increased length or size of motor home substituted.
  • Should a smaller or lower rated vehicle be offered and accepted, liability will be limited to a refund of the price difference between the model booked and paid for and the model received at the time the booking was made. No refund will be given should a smaller or lower rated vehicle be requested by the client
  • No claims as to vehicle year will be considered unless clients have paid for and received a ‘Premier’ unit.
    Should a Premier model not be available El Monte RV will be liable only for refund of the difference
    between the Premier and standard unit of similar type and length.
  • When pre-booking campgrounds clients should consider a larger unit may be substituted.
  • When making ferry reservations clients should automatically reserve the next larger unit length. reservations.

Cancellation and Amendment Fees:
Amendment Fee: 1st amendment is free, USD $50 fee applies for each thereafter

- Over 45 days prior to departure: USD $350*
- 44 to 16 days prior to departure: USD $550*
- 15 to 1 days prior to departure: USD $950*
- Departure Day / No Show: 100% of rental
* Plus USD $200 for one way rentals.

© 2004 US and Canada Travel - A Division of BTEC Travel Pty Ltd.
Telephone: (+61 3) 9584 0896 Fax: (+61 3) 9584 0840   Toll-Free Australia: 1300 663 854
Office Address: Office 3, 128 Balcombe Road, Mentone, VIC 3194, Australia
Mailing Address: PO Box 5309, Mordialloc, VIC 3195, Australia
Licence Number: #32610