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Canadream Motorhome Rental in Canada

Canadream RV Rentals Canada 2020 / 2021 Seasons

Canadream Depot Locations
Canadream has a fleet of approximately 700 vehicles and offer rentals in
Calgary - Edmonton - Halifax - Montreal - Toronto - Vancouver - Whitehorse

Long Term Discounts
21 or more nights - 5% Discount on the daily flex rates

Applies to Multiple bookings across CanaDream & Apollo Brand Bookings
This discount is combinable with Early Booking Offers,
but is not with seasonal special offers or relocation offers.

Run of Fleet 2020 Summer Programme

2020 / 2021 Winter Pillow & Powder Programme

Vehicle Information  |  Terms & Conditions
Vehicle Comparsion Chart 317 kb PDF

Canadream is one of the largest RV Rental companies in Canada catering to the needs of those wanting to experience all the magnificence Canada has to offer in the comfort and convenience of their own camper or 'home on wheels'.

Deluxe Camper Van DV-C: 2 Berth Motorhome ( with shower and toilet )
Click here for a Quote Click here for Vehicle Specifications

Maxi Travel Camper (TC-A): 2+1 Berth Motorhome ( with shower and toilet )
Click here for a Quote Click here for Vehicle Specifications

Super Camper Van SV-C: 2+2 Berth Motorhome ( with shower and toilet )
Click here for a Quote Click here for Vehicle Specifications

MH-A Maxi Motorhome: 4+2 Berth ( with shower and toilet )
Click here for a Quote Click here for Vehicle Specifications

MH-B Midi Motorhome: 4+2 Berth ( with shower and toilet )
Click here for a Quote Click here for Vehicle Specifications

Canadream Terms and Conditions

Nightly Flex Rates include

  • 0 km per night.
  • CAD $5 million liability insurance and collision insurance with deductibles as specified.
  • Preparation Fee - this includes your first supply of propane, fresh water, toilet chemicals, cleaning supplies for the unit.
  • 24 Hour - 7 Day On-Road Support
  • Minimum ¼ tank of Fuel
  • Airport Transfers - pick up and drop off from the airport or airport hotels, (Except Montreal where a charge of CAD $90 either one way or return is payable). more information here

Preparation Fee
This fee includes transfers to and from the airport & airport area hotels (except montreal), and vehicle preparation (first supply of propane and toilet chemicals). This fee is now included in the nightly rental rate.

Convenience Kit Fees
Convenience kits are charged at CAD $95 per person per booking. Our convenience kit includes dishes, cookware, pillows, linen, towels, sleeping bags and cleaning equipment. more information here

Early Pick Up / Late Drop Off
Early Pick up / Late Drop off: CAD $375 each time (CAD $375 for early pick up & CAD $375 for late drop off. Guests can extend their holiday with this option. Early pick up includes transfers to the location and vehicle pick up between 10am-12 noon. Late drop of is by 3pm and return transfer to airport or airport hotels.

Additional Items

  • Lawn Chairs (CAD $10 each per rental)
  • Bike Racks for 4 bikes (CAD $50 per rental and only with our MH-A, MH-B & SVC vehicles).
    Click here for Child Restraint Information - 2.4 mb PDF
  • Child / Booster Seats (CAD $40 each per rental).
  • Toaster (CAD $12 each per rental)
  • Generator hire on request only - Between 1 October and 30 April, generator use is free of charge. From 1 May to 30 September, Guests are welcome to use the generator by paying a surcharge of $10 for each night of their booking. There is a maximum charge of $100 plus tax for generator use.
  • Additional Driver: CAD $5 per night
  • GPS Navigation: CAD $10 per night (maximum CAD $100) - Minimum rental 7 nights
  • Toilet Chemicals: CAD $3 each
  • Coffee Maker (electric): CAD $10 each

Sorry, we do not rent baby cribs. Please check with our reservations staff for the name and phone number of companies who offer this service.

Please Note: Canadream do not rent TV's

Other items available on request (where available – ask on pickup for rental cost)

  • Cookie Sheet
  • Wine glasses
  • Measuring cup
  • Grater

For rentals during winter months the following items may be available (ask on pickup for rental cost and availability)

  • Chains
  • Electric Heater
  • Vent pillows

One Way Rental Fees
Based on availability, we are happy to offer a one-way travel option to and from all of our vacation centre locations (except to or from Edmonton). Please note that one-way travel in our TCA vehicle type is only possible between Vancouver, Calgary and Whitehorse. One-ways must be reserved and confirmed in advance and the following drop off fees apply:

  • One-ways between all affiliated locations - CAD $1,000 (except Calgary to Vancouver)
  • One way from Calgary to Vancouver CAD $1,400
  • One way travel is not permitted into or out of our Edmonton location
  • Special or unique one-ways across North America are available on request

Minimum Rental
Minimum rental is 7 nights. Shorter booking periods may be available on request.

Sales Taxes apply to all charges as follows:

  • Calgary, Edmonton, Whitehorse: GST: - 5%
  • Vancouver: PST: 7% / GST: 5% = 12%
  • Toronto: HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) - 13%
  • Montreal: QST: - 9.975% / GST 5% = 14.75%
  • Halifax HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) - 15%

There is no provincial tax in Calgary, Edmonton or Whitehorse. Tax is calculated on the gross amount of the rental.

Kilometre Packages

  • 500 km package - $175 per package
  • 800 km package $280 per package
  • Unlimited KM Package $1,625 per package. Maximum 21 nights. Additional nights thereafter charged at $50 per night.
Please note however that there is no refund for unused kilometres.
Additional Kilometres
The charge for additional kilometres over your prepaid allowance is $0.41 per kilometre.

Security Deposit

  • Rentals require a security deposit of $1,000.
  • An open credit card authorization is taken at departure for all rentals
  • Security deposits MUST be made with CREDIT CARDS ONLY (No debit cards) and will be processed.
  • Deposits are refunded when the vehicle is returned complete with all equipment in a clean and undamaged condition.

USA Driving
Guests are welcome to travel into the United States. A CAD $10 per night surcharge applies to any travel within the United States (including Alaska). If US Driving is not included in the rental package, this can be added at pick up, or if the travel itinerary is unknown Guests must call the pick-up location to pay the US driving fee before entering the USA.

Guest Guide
At check-in each booking receives a Guest Guide for their vehicle type. The guide is a step-by-step handy guide containing all they need to know about their RV. It’s a helpful reminder of all the elements covered during the Quick Start Guide but remains with them for the entire duration of their vacation and it’s free to take home with their holiday memories.

CanaDream Club
All Guests are immediately members of the Club as soon as they have made a booking with CanaDream.

Insurance coverage
All CanaDream vehicles are insured with CAD $5 million public liability and property damage. A deposit of CAD $1,000 is required on a major credit card for the collision and comprehensive insurance deductibles as outlined below.

The deposit is refundable upon the return of the vehicle in the same condition as it was received and not involved in any incident claims. Any Guest that is involved in an incident will have their deposit held (to the maximum charge listed below), for a minimum of 60 days until the incident claim is closed. Claims that are less than the deposit amount will have the difference refunded to the Guest upon closing of the incident claim.

The Guest is responsible for the maximum charge detailed below where expenses include, but are not limited to: towing, storage fees, damage to CanaDream vehicle, damage to third party property, injury claims, insurance adjuster fees, legal fees. In addition, a CAD $100 administration fee will apply to every incident. Our insurance does not cover liability for loss of personal property, nor does it cover costs for accommodation, transportation or replacement of vehicle if the vehicle is stolen or should an incident occur that makes the rented vehicle inoperable. In these situations and, depending on availability, a new, signed, rental agreement must be in place before a replacement vehicle is provided.

Incidents must be reported within 24 hours and be accompanied by a written accident report and police report or file number.

The guest is responsible for the following maximum charges per accident:

Incident Description
All Drivers
Two-vehicle accident on a signed and numbered road, fire, theft or vandalism (with police and accident report):
Off Road (e.g. campsites, parking lots, driveways, gas stations, etc.)
Single vehicle incident: Any damage caused by contact with any stationary object (e.g. : parked vehicle, walls, trees, bridges, etc.) anywhere (on or off - road, private or public property)
Vehicle damage, cause unknown (including hit and run by unknown third party)
Acts of nature (natural disasters including, but not limited to hail, floods, lightning)
Interior damage (not caused by two vehicle accident on a numbered road)
Collision with animals
Tire damage (does not include tow charges)
$1,000 per tire
Undercarriage damage (not caused by two vehicle accident on a numbered road)
All Costs
Wrong Fuel: $8500 will be charged at drop off. The difference in actual costs will be charged or refunded as applicable.
All Costs
No written accident report & police file number (or station notification within 24 hours of incident)
All Costs
Committing hit and run
All Costs
Underground parking and drive - through damage
All Costs
Incidents while driving in unauthorized areas or in the USA without prior authorization
All Costs
Incidents caused while the vehicle is driven by an impaired or unauthorized driver
All Costs
Damages incurred during illegal act(s) and/or wilful damage
All Costs

Canadream reserves the right to refuse any booking at our discretion.

Please note Guests are responsible the following conditions:

  • Damage caused to the RV where the terms of Rental Contract have been breached.
  • Damage caused by negligence / wilful conduct or impaired driving.
  • Damage caused to the RV in any way by part or total water submersion or salt water.
  • Damage caused due to a single vehicle roll over.
  • Damage caused to the RV when using the RV in contravention of any legislation or regulation controlling vehicular traffic.
  • Damage or loss caused to any personal belongings.
  • Damage caused by the incorrect use of snow chains.
  • Damage to the awning, slide out, overhead or underbody of the RV.
  • Damage caused to tires and windshield except where Windshield Protection has been purchased and applies.
  • Damages caused by neglecting proper operating procedures, e.g. incorrect fuel type and quality, ignoring oil or coolant levels, air pressure, etc.
  • Damages caused by freezing/overheating e.g. unit not winterized, or overheating of RV or systems, e.g. plumbing or water systems.

Unauthorized Areas
Unauthorized Areas include northern surcharge areas, the USA, and any restricted geographic areas which CanaDream may determine at any time. Without prior permission to drive the vehicle in these areas, there is no insurance coverage; the guest is responsible for all damages, related expenses and costs; the guest is subject to a $900 penalty. CanaDream reserves the right to restrict access to specific geographic areas at any time. These restrictions may be applied at the time of pick up. The guest assumes all responsibility for any expense or loss of time while travelling in restricted geographic areas.

Northern Surcharge Areas
Click here for full information

Festival Surcharge
Click here for full information

Prohibited Travel Areas
Click here for full information

Urban Restrictions
Parking of your vehicle is prohibited in the greater metropolitan areas of Montreal and Ottawa. This includes all pay parking lots, hotel parking lots, side streets, malls, etc. To travel into these areas, park your vehicle at a campsite and use public transportation, taxi, etc. In the event of a theft that occurs in the Montreal or Ottawa metropolitan area, the Guest is responsible for CAD $7,500.

CanaDream is happy to offer a CanaDream operated transfer service or assistance with a private Taxi service across our stations.

The stations offering the CanaDream shuttle will each have a transfer charge (which is a contribution towards the cost of this service). This is still a significant saving for our Guests.

The stations where we will use a private Taxi service, will allow greater flexibility and better Guest experience (as the operation of our own transfer was becoming challenging in the locations and volumes of Guests). We will reimburse a significant portion of the taxi cost when the Guest arrives at pick up.

Private Taxi Rebates
(each way - applied at Pick up)
Calgary:       CAD $20
Vancouver:   CAD $25
Whitehorse:  CAD $10

Transfer Fees (each way)
Edmonton: CAD $30
Halifax:      CAD $10
Montreal:  CAD $55
Toronto:     CAD $15

Hours of Operation

  • 1 May to 30 September, 08:00 - 18:00, Monday through Sunday.
  • Please note that our Edmonton location is closed on Sundays year round. Sunday pick-up/drop-off is available at this location for an additional fee.
  • 1 October - 30 April, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday through Saturday *
  • Check-in or pick-up is from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM (please call on the morning of your pickup to schedule a pick up time)
  • Check-out or drop-off is form 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
  • Late changes for drop-offs after 10 AM will be CAD $150 per hour

* Sunday Pick Ups and Drop Offs are available at a cost of CAD $375 per pick-up or drop-off during the period 01 October to 30 April.

Early Returns / Unused Kilometres
Sorry, there are no refunds for early returns and/or unused kilometers.

The following Statutory holidays Canadream offices will be closed

New Year's Day
01 January
01 January
Family Day (Alberta & Ontario Only)
17 February
15 February
Family Day (Not BC)
17 February
15 February
Good Friday
10 April
Thanksgiving Day
12 October
Remembrance Day
11 November
25 December
Boxing Day
26 December
Please Note: We also close at noon on 24th & 31st December 2020

The Guarantee
CanaDream RV Rentals guarantees that our fleet is of the highest standard in Canada with features that are exclusive to CanaDream RV Rentals.

Group Bookings
CanaDream welcomes group bookings for all our unit types with the following changes to our regular terms and conditions for groups of 5 or more vehicles. A deposit of $500 per unit is required upon confirmation of the booking. Full payment is required 90 days prior to departure.

Smoking Policy
Smoking is not allowed in our RV’s. A penalty of CAD $500 will be imposed inside the RV to cover the costs of sanitizing and cleaning.

We are happy for Guests to bring a pet dog or cat on their vacation in our RV for a fee of CAD $300. Service animals can travel in our RV’s free of charge with prior permission and proof of service certification We ask for Guests to tell us in advance that they wish to bring their pet and require Guests to ensure their pet does not cause any damage to the vehicle. Should additional pet cleaning be required at drop off, additional cleaning charges will apply.

Driving License / Driver's Age
One driver is included in the rental. We charge CAD $5 per night for the entire rental period per additional driver. There is no coverage should an unauthorized driver be involved in an accident.

  • All drivers must possess a driver's licence valid for the entire rental period.
  • If the driver's licence from your own country is in English, you do not need an International licence. If your licence is in a language other than English, we strongly recommend you bring an International Licence, together with the licence from your own country.

    For translation purposes, an International Driver's Licence will ensure ease of use in Canada and the United States. Please note that an International Licence is not valid on its own for driving in Canada and the USA. The International Licence must also be accompanied by a valid driver's licence issued in your own country.
  • Minimum age is 21. Only drivers listed on contract are allowed to drive.
  • Additional Driver Fee: CAD $5 per night for each additional driver.
  • Driving in the USA: CAD $10 per night for each vehicle entering the USA. In the event CanaDream RV Rentals is not made aware of travel in the US and an incident occurs the insurance coverage will be void and the client will be fully responsible for all costs.

Travel Restrictions
Not all RV’s are suitable for all driving situations, so it’s important that the right RV is chosen for the travel planned. CanaDream at its discretion may restrict RV travel in certain areas due to adverse road and weather conditions, and the distance to nominated destinations in relation to the length of the rental period. For the safety of Guests, the following travel restrictions are in place:

Urban Travel Restrictions
Parking of your vehicle is prohibited in the greater metropolitan areas of Montreal and Ottawa. This includes all pay parking lots, hotel parking lots, side streets, malls, etc. To travel into these areas, park your vehicle at a campsite and use public transportation, taxi, etc. In the event of a theft that occurs in the Montreal or Ottawa prohibited parking area, the Guest is responsible for CAD $7,500.

Travel in an RV is prohibited on Manhattan Island in New York. Please leave your RV at your campsite and travel to Manhattan Island by public transport.

Prohibited Travel Areas - Click here for map & full information 2.03mb PDF
Travel in the following areas is strictly prohibited at all times.

  • Logging and non-public roads
  • All unnumbered roads and highways
  • Vehicles are not permitted to enter Mexico at any time
  • Denali Highway in Alaska
  • North Canol Highway in the Yukon
  • Dalton Highway (north of Livengood)
  • Eagle, Alaska (Hwy 5 north) from the junction of Hwy 9 (Top of the World Highway) and Hwy 5 west
  • McCarthy Road between Chitina and McCarthy, Alaska
  • Highway 500 (Trans Labrador Highway) from Goose Bay to Labrador City
  • Highway 389 from Labrador City to Baie Comeau
  • Highway 510 from Red Bay to Happy Valley-Goose Bay
  • Highway 167 north of La Doré
  • Highway 109 and Baie James Road, Quebec
  • Manhattan: due to restrictions on RV heights, propane gas and parking, RV with propane are not permitted in Manhattan and are not permitted to travel through any underground or underwater tunnels.

Travel Restricted Areas

  • Travel to Death Valley is limited to the low season (15 September through 15 May) due to extremely high temperatures causing engine failures we do not permit our RV’s to enter Death Valley from 16 May through to 14 September.
  • Travel on the Dempster Highway in the Yukon is not permitted between 15 September and 15 May due to road conditions. We are happy for our Guests to travel on this road between 16 May and 14 September.

Clients assume all responsibility for any expense or loss of time while traveling in restricted areas.

Northern Surcharge - Click here for map & full information 2.0mb PDF
There is a surcharge of CAD $625 for rentals starting from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal or Halifax with permission to travel on/in:

  • Alaska Highway north of Fort St. John, British Columbia
  • Cassiar Highway (#37) north of Kitwanga, British Columbia
  • Highway 35 north of Peace River, Alberta
  • Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Newfoundland
  • Quebec & Labrador north and east of Sept-Iles

Permission is automatically granted to travel in above areas with pick ups in Whitehorse with the exception of the 'No-Go' areas of the Dalton Highway (#11 north of Livengood), the Denali Highway in Alaska and the North Canol Highway in the Yukon. Vehicles for northern travel must be expressly requested and confirmed at the time of reservation. Guests who travel to these areas without permission will be subject to a $900 penalty and will void all insurance coverage. CanaDream reserves the right to restrict driving access at anytime. These restrictions may be applied at the time of pick-up.

Festival Surcharge
There is a surcharge of CAD $1,500 for all RV vacations starting from any of our locations with permission to travel to certain festivals: such as Burning Man Festival or Electric Daisy Carnival in Nevada, USA. Vehicles taken to festivals must be expressly requested and confirmed at time of reservation. Guests who travel to festivals without permission will be subject to a CAD $1,500 penalty and will void all insurance coverage.

Commercial Renters
CanaDream RV Rentals vehicles may be rented for commercial purposes if special prior approval is obtained.

If, for any reason beyond the company's control, the reserved vehicle is not available, CanaDream RV Rentals reserves the right to substitute a vehicle of equivalent value or offer a higher rated vehicle at no additional cost. Should a lower rated vehicle be substituted, the company's only responsibility is to refund the difference between the two vehicles. Although this is infrequent, accidents or mechanical repairs may force substitutions.

All Motorhomes must be winterized when travelling in freezing conditions with the exceptions of CanaDream’s unique MHA (2650) RV unit, which is specially built for winter conditions and allows for use of the water, toilet and shower in freezing conditions. As the weather in Canada can be unpredictable, CanaDream will winterize their units as the temperatures start to drop into the freezing zone.

Once the RV is winterized, no water can be put into the fresh water tank and it cannot be hooked up to the water supply. Therefore, no water is available in the motorhome. It is the Guests’ responsibility to have the RV winterized while on a trip at his/her own expense should the weather conditions require. The Guest is also financially responsible for having the RV re- winterised on the return trip if the RV was winterized at the time of pick up.

A CAD $150 re-winterization fee will be charged if the RV is returned non-winterized when the temperature is -5 degrees Celsius or below. The Guest will be fully responsible for any damages to the plumbing and water systems caused by freezing during their trip.

Change to Drop-off Location after Pick-up
If your Guest changes their drop-off location after pick-up, they should get in touch with our friendly reservations team who will be happy to help. Our team will advise the Guests if the change is possible and if a relocation fee applies. Any fees would be charged directly to the Guest.

Extending a Road Trip
If a Guest gets swept up in the adventure of their road trip and wishes to extend their booking whilst on hire, they must first obtain authorization from CanaDream Reservations who will advise of the additional costs. Rental extension is subject to fleet availability. The extra cost of an extended booking must be paid by credit card over the telephone or at a CanaDream location immediately on confirmation of the booking extension. If the Guest decides to extend their booking duration before pick-up (changing the drop-off date) the Booking Amendment policy applies.

Change of RV
We understand Guests needs are different and therefore our RV’s can be requested by category, however not by make or model. We always do our best to accommodate requests, however should the booked RV not be available due to unforeseen circumstances we will substitute the booked RV with an alternative available at the time of pick up, at no extra cost. Any changes to the booked RV and agreed to by or requested by the Guest do not entitle the Guest to a refund.

Powered Site Bookings
Powered sites can be difficult to manage during high season. We recommend Guests make a reservation for at least a 33ft RV, irrespective of the size of the motorhome reserved to avoid problems due to possible upgrades.

We understand that while on holiday the RV may require small repairs or small items included in the kitchen kit may need replaced. So not to disturb the road trip any further, if the damage was not caused by the Guest, repairs up to CAD $100 can be completed without authorisation and will be reimbursed on presentation of the receipts at time of drop off. If repairs over CAD $100 are needed, the CanaDream On-road team needs to be informed prior to the repair being completed. All RV’s are covered for 24/7 Mechanical emergency roadside assistance.

Infringements, Tolls and Fees
CanaDream will pass on any charges the guest receives for traffic infringements, toll way or parking fines during their road trip. If the Guest pays these fines immediately there will be no additional administration fees. However, if the Guest delays in paying the fines we reserve the right to charge an administration fee.

CanaDream RV Rentals makes no representation as to fuel consumption. Vehicles are supplied with a minimum tank. If the client returns with less fuel than on departure, he/she will be charged for that amount of fuel. There is no refund if client returns with more fuel than on departure.

Convenience Kits
Convenience kits are charged at $85 per person per booking. Our convenience kit includes dishes, cookware, pillows, linen, towels, sleeping bags and cleaning equipment. See below for a detailed list of our convenience kits items,

RV Kits
Preparation Kits
Personal Kits
Item Description
Item Description
Item Description
Set of 3 pots (small, med, large)
Scotch-Brite Non Scratch Pot Scrubbers
Comforters or Blankets p/p
Frying pan
Pair Rubber Gloves
Pillow p/p
Pillow Liner Cover p/p
Coffee maker (non electric)
Pillow Case p/p
Mixing bowl
Dust Pan
Sheets 1 fitted, 1 flat
(depending on unit type) p/p
Rice Cooker
Face Cloth p/p
Juice Container
Clothes Hangers
(increases with more pax)
Tea Towels
Bottle Opener/Corkscrew
Cleaning Rags
Bath Towels (1) p/p
Can Opener
Roll 1-ply Toilet Paper
Hand Towels
Cutting Board
Dinner Plates (1) p/p
Casserole Dish
Door Mat
Bread Plates (1) p/p
Vegetable Peeler
Pair Pliers
Soup Bowls (1) p/p
Chefs Knife
Multi-Screw Driver
Mugs (1) p/p
Set Serving Tongs
Small Dish detergent
Forks (1) p/p
Bread Knife
Cutlery Tray
Slotted Spoon
Knives (1) p/p
Heat Mat
Steak Knives p/p
Spatula /Turner
Soup Spoons (1) p/p
Soup Ladle
Tea Spoons (1) p/p
Tea Pot
Drinking Glasses (1) p/p
Dish Cloths
p/p = per person
(1) p/p = 1 item then extra 1 per person

Shortening of Rental Period
If a renter shortens their hire period by more than a week - it may be treated as a cancellation of the whole booking and a re-booking. This depends on when the amendment takes place and how many days of hire are being cancelled. Please ensure you always have travel insurance in place.

Travel Insurance
CanaDream strongly recommends that Guests ensure they take out the highest level of personal Travel Insurance to cover and protect them from unexpected circumstances on their vacation.

Full payment is required 30 days prior to departure. We are happy to accept payments made by Master Card, Visa or American Express credit cards. All Guests must present a valid credit card at the time of pick up (see above section on Security Deposit).

Payments at Branches
For security reasons, CanaDream will only accept credit card or debit card for rental charges paid on RV pick-up or drop-off. Cash payments will not be accepted at rental branches. The security deposit on the RV is only payable at pick-up. We accept: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & Union Pay.

Multiple Rentals
We love to reward our long-term road trippers so consecutive rentals within a 3-month period, in Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand or Europe with any of the Apollo brands can be combined to obtain a long term 5% discount on the flex rate. If drop-off of an RV and pick up of a new RV occurs on the same day, then a day will be charged for each RV. Multiple rentals are considered separate rentals under the one-way fee and minimum rental period conditions. Multiple rental discounts can also be applied to Early Booking discounts.

Booking Alterations
At CanaDream we understand that sometimes things change. If this is the case, any changes made to a booking will be calculated by using the higher one of the two rates, either the original flex rate or the Flex Rate current at the time of the booking alteration.

The following are classified as booking alterations:
 - Change of booking name
 - Change of Vehicle Type
 - Change of Pick-up location
 - Change in the Pick-up date
 - Change in the Drop-off date
 - Change in one-way Drop-off location

If the rate plan or RV category is changed, it is considered a new booking and cancellation fees may apply to the original booking.

The flex rate of a confirmed booking will not change with requested changes to party size and/or adding prepaid items
• If there are any last-minute alterations made within 14 nights of pick up, we will be happy to accommodate these (subject to availability), however due to the short notice, if the booking duration is shortened, the number of nights originally booked will be charged for.
• There is no refund for late pick up or early return of the RV.
• A relocation fee may apply if the collection or return location is amended within 14 nights of RV pick up or if notification occurs during the hire.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy
Booked and cancelled within 5 days
(when departure is more than 60 days from booking date
No charge
Over 60 days prior to departure
59 - 30 days prior to departure
20% of rental plus one-way fees
29 - 15 days prior to departure
50% of rental plus one-way fees
14 - departure day / no shows
100% of the total rental charges plus applicable
one-way fees and any surcharges if applicable


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Office Address: By appointment at 28 Bear Street, Mordialloc, VIC 3195, Australia
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