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Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

We've tried to make the information contained in our  website as accurate as possible, but it is provided 'as is' and we accept no responsibility for any loss, injury or inconvenience sustained by anyone resulting from this information. You should verify critical information like visas, health and safety, customs and transportation with the relevant authorities before you travel. Certainly you should also advise us of anything with regard to your booking which you feel is not 'the norm' - for example:  If you are under 25 or over 70 years of age, if your licence has been suspended, you plan to travel to travel to Alaska, Mexico etc.

It is the responsibility of the travel agent or the client to ensure all details contained on our invoice are as required and all terms and conditions are accepted.  As we are only 'human', we do reserve the right to correct any errors in rates, duration, additional fees or any invoiced variables quoted or invoiced that may be found to be incorrect or have been altered by the supplier after confirmation.  If this does occur, we do apologise and we will offer you some form of compensation by way of apology.

Under normal conditions, no refund will be made on any unused product.  We do always recommend clients take travel insurance which could cover them for cancellation.  We even offer travel insurance at a discounted rate because we really do not want you to be out of pocket.  Having said that, we will try and get cancellation fees reduced in extraordinary circumstances.  Please do note that employees of our suppliers are not always aware of the terms and conditions agreed upon by their head office and therefore cannot accurately advise you of the refund policy.

Visae and Passports: 
Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct visa, that your passport is valid and that you have the correct innoculations etc.
Exchange Rates: 
As all our products are foreign currency based, we do reserve the right to adjust the exchange rate to the prevailing rate on the day you are paying your balance.  Once you have paid in full, your rate is locked in.
We are not responsible for any exchange rate fluctuations between the time when paying a security bond and it being refunded to you. We are also not responsible for the exchange rate charged to you by your credit card company.
Please also note that any indication we give as 'approximate' is just that - approximate - as the final rate you get charged is determined by your credit card company and they generally mark up the exchange rate by a few percentage points. .
We offer the first amendment free (except where our principals impose a fee which we have to pass on to you).  However, if vouchers need to be re-issued, there will be a $30 amendment fee. If you make a last minute booking where we have to Express Mail documents to you or overseas, we will pass on the mailing cost to you.

Price Match and Price Beat Guarantee:

We will price match any written quotation and give you 10% of the difference. We do require a copy of the quotation or a website where we can verify the amount quoted.

If the quote is emailed, we do reserve the right to verify the figures (we have been 'stung' by some people who have falsified figures). If we find an error has been made the Price Beat Guarantee will not apply. Once a booking has been accepted and deposit the price is locked in. Price beat/match no longer applies.
We welcome : Direct deposit into our bank Trust Account, cheque, money order and credit card. We accept Visa and Mastercard but pass on a 1.5% surcharge. If you are paying by credit card, we will need you to complete a credit card form which needs to be faxed or mailed to us with a copy of your drivers licence or passport for verification.

US and Canada Travel and its staff  shall not be liable for accident, damage, injury,  delay or irregularity, loss, additional expense or liability occasioned to any generality of the foregoing, either due to the act, neglect or otherwise from acts of God, breakdown in machinery or equipment, force majeure , wars whether declared or otherwise, riots, strikes, insurrections, theft, epidemics, quarantine, medical, custom or other regulations, dissatisfaction with any service provided  and inaccuracy or misdescription contained in the brochure/website to which these terms and conditions relate, delays and cancellations or changes in itinerary or schedules or over booking, improper or any act, neglect, default or otherwise of the service providers, their servants or agents or any other person. This agreement is governed in all respects by the law of the state of Victoria and any legal action arising under this agreement shall be litigated only in the appropriate Court having jurisdiction in that State.

Supplier Rental Agreements / Terms and Conditions:
As we act as a booking agent for various suppliers, please note that you/your booking is subject to their overall terms and agreement/booking conditions. If you require a copy of the agreement before making your reservation, we will be happy to obtain a copy for you. We also require that you read through the general terms and conditions for the product you are booking, on our website, before making any payments. Your payment once received, acknowledges that you have done so.

Cancellation / Amendment Fees: 
These take effect the minute we reserve a car, motorhome, canal boat, accommodation or rail tickets on your behalf. Fees can be up to 100% depending on when you cancel or amend. Amendments where possible are accommodated free of charge but when a supplier charges us a fee, we do pass that on to you. We always recommend that clients take out travel insurance to cover these costs. If you would like the cancellation / amendment fees for any specific product, please let us know and we will be happy to provide them.

Flex Rates:
An increasing number of companies now use Flex Rates. When a booking is made under Flex conditions the price is only locked in when a deposit is paid. Once a booking is firm, should you need to amend the dates, we look at the current flex rate and the new flex rate applicable and the higher of the two flex rates applies to the amendment.
Vehicle Specifications: 
With motorhomes - floor plans and specifications are intended as a guide. All companies can not guarantee exact specifications as vehicles are continually upgraded and replaced throughout the year. Motorhomes are confirmed by 'group' or 'category' and there can be various layouts within the same group. If you book a 4 berth, you will receive a 4 berth but it could comprise 2 doubles or 1 double and 2 singles etc. You could receive a larger number of beds but you will never receive a lesser number of beds than ordered.

With car rentals - cars are confirmed by group only and no specific make or model is guaranteed unless specifically mentioned.

All Terms and Conditions are Subject to change without notice

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