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If you are used to driving a car every day, it is second nature. Remember when you first started driving and were so nervous about changing gears? Now you are not even aware of changing gears. So after a couple of hours of being ‘conscious’ of using the other hand to change gears, you’ll soon get into the rhythm of it. Just go slowly until you’re confident. Funnily enough, the fact that you’re driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road is made easier by having the steering wheel on the left.
At least all the hire cars are automatic or stick-shift, so you don't have to worry about changing gears!

When you're thinking of renting a car, you are often presented with a choice of 3 or more companies. Sometimes what appears to be the lowest priced often turns out to be the most expensive. Some of the things you should consider and compare before choosing a car rental company would be: What extras do you have to pay? Can you take the car into Canada? Which companies allow drivers under 25 or over 75 without a surcharge? Is the airport fee included or do you have to pay extra? Can you have 2 extra drivers? Are there road taxes or vehicle licensing fees to be paid? Are the state and local taxes included? What about the insurance...does it have a deductible?

DID YOU KNOW........because we sure do !

  • Some rates appear very low - but you generally get 'standard rates' where no taxes, insurances or licence fees are included. You then have to pay extra at the counter and these extras can work out to be more than the rental. All the rates we use are 'inclusive' so all these basic things are included.
  • Some companies charge 'per day' for an additional driver some charge 'per rental'. So if you are hiring a car for a month...choosing the wrong company can cost you a heap....It sure pays to check those little details
  • Of the three major companies...only one allows one ways from USA to Canada....
  • Not all companies allow their vehicles to travel into Mexico...

You're probably thinking that this sounds really complicated and wondering if there is a quicker and easier way to ensure you get best value...Sure there is – complete our quote form – tell us a bit about your plans and we will be happy to provide free advice and a best value quote taking all the above into account. We love the challenge of finding someone the very best deal. Then you are free to start your planning.

There are some excellent drives in the USA. A very good site to peruse is Lots of personal feedback from people who have travelled the route you're planning! Then use when you need directions.

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USA & Canada Car Hire FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will it be cheaper to book my car rental before I leave home or when I arrive?
A: By pre-purchasing you know in advance exactly what you will be paying and will therefore not be subject to currency fluctuations and the surcharge your credit card company normally charges you on 'overseas' transactions - plus you get the preferential rates we receive from 'volume purchasing'.

Q: Can I be guaranteed a specific make and model of car?
A: All vehicles are reserved by their group. Models shown are examples only and a very similar vehicle may be substituted as vehicles generally get renewed every 3 months.

Q: Do I need a credit card to rent?
A: Yes, you do need a credit card. Some prestige/luxury cars require 2 credit cards.

Q: What are the conditions with regard to age and licence?
A: Generally the minimum age is 21 years. A young driver surcharge may apply (it varies between companies). All drivers must hold a full valid drivers licence with a clean driving record for a minimum of one year. A learner or provisional licnece is not accepted.

Q: If I rent in Canada can I drive in the USA and vice versa?
A: It is important to advise us or your travel agent if you intend to drive your rental car outside the country of rental as conditions do vary between companies.

Q: Are there any hidden extras?
A: We endeavour to show only 'all inclusive' rates so you don't have to worry about any additional charges. However some charges are optional eg. additional driver fees in some states so we show these separately.

Q: Where can we get more info on roads, scenic routes etc?
A: The US Dept of Transportation and the Travel Industry Association of America have a terrific programme called National Scenic Byways. The website is just great . View it on

Q: Where can I get driving directions?
A: Log on to or Comprehensive maps and point to point driving directions are provided.

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