Canadream Motorhome Hire in Canada
Run of Fleet 2020 Summer Programme

Valid 06 April 2020 to 01 November 2020

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Run of Fleet (save up to 20%)
Our Run of Fleet option continues to grow in popularity and offers you Savings of up to 20% when you choose the "Run of Fleet" category.

How it works
You choose one of the two Run of Fleet options based on up to 2 people (ROF2) or 4 (2 adults & 2 children) (ROF4) traveling together.

Run of Fleet 2 (ROF2) category will comfortably accommodate 2 adults.
Run of Fleet 4 (ROF4) category will comfortably accommodate 2 adults & 2 children.

At pick up, CanaDream will select and provide a quality CanaDream vehicle from the your confirmed Run of Fleet category.

Selecting 'Run of Fleet' will not guarantee that you will receive a specific vehicle type, but will guarantee a quality CanaDream vehicle and Save you up to 20% off the applicable flex price if you had booked a specific vehicle type.

When booking please use booking code (RF2) or (RF4) for the respective Run of Fleet category.

* The Run of Fleet flex price by category will be provided in our weekly Flex update schedule.

Run of Fleet 2 (ROF2)
Run of Fleet 4 (ROF4)