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Britz USA Motorhome Rental
All Rates shown in US Dollars
Rates Valid: 01 April 2021 to 31 March 2022

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Britz USA Depot Locations
Dallas  -  Denver  -  Las Vegas  -  Los Angeles  -  New York  -  Orlando  -  San Francisco
 -  Seattle

Please note:
Denver depot is closed from 01 Dec 2021 to 28 Feb 2022
Dallas depot is Drop Off only

Long Term Discounts
5% Discount on daily rates for 21 - 41 day rentals
10% Discount on daily rates for 42+ day rentals

2021 - 2022 Flex Rates
Valid from 01 April 2021 - 31 March 2022

Flex Rates allows us to offer flexible pricing, which gives you the opportunity to secure the best possible rental rate. The Flex Rates are based on a very simple system of supply and demand. So when there are a large number of vehicles available for hire from a particular branch then the rental rate is lower.

This way you can benefit from the lower rates offered. Generally, this means that the earlier you book the cheaper the rate! There will also be great Standby Rates!
However, once booked, should you need to amend the dates, the prevailing rates will apply. We get advised of new flex rates each week. Therefore each quote only valid until the end of each week. More information here

Britz 4 Berth Motorhome

Rates Includes:

  • Vehicle Rental
  • 100 miles per day
  • Preparation Fee
  • Convenience Kits for up to 4 Pax & Kitchen Equipment *
  • VIP Insurance (see details below)
  • Local Sales Tax

* Kitchen and Conevenience Kits
Each vehicle is supplied with complimentary living equipment (such as bedding, cooking equipment, eating utensils, bath and tea towels.)
please see full details of the Convenience Kits here  775kb PDF

Flex Rates
What exactly is Flex?
Flex Rates allows us to offer flexible pricing, which gives you the opportunity to secure the best possible rental rate. The Flex Rates are based on a very simple system of supply and demand. So when there are a large number of vehicles available for hire from a particular branch then the rental rate is lower. This way you can benefit from the lower rates offered. Generally, this means that the earlier you book the cheaper the rate! There will also be great Standby Rates!

Booking Amendments
If you wish to make any changes to your booking the booking will be calculated by using either the original flex rate or the flex rate that is valid at the time of the booking change, depending on whichever rate is higher. There are no exceptions to this rule. The following situations are classified as booking alterations:
- Change of date for vehicle pick-up or drop-off
- Change of location (depot) for vehicle pick-up or drop-off
- Change of vehicle category
- Name change

If an amendment is made to the rental dates within 14 nights of collection, no refund will be made if the length of hire is shortened (that is; the rental will be charged at the number of nights originally booked). There is no refund for late pick up or early return of vehicle. A relocation fee may apply if the collection or return location is amended within 14 nights of vehicle pick up or if notification occurs during the hire.

Rental Duration
The minimum rental is 7 nights for rentals. (10 nights minimum when the August Season Surcharge applies)

Excess Miles: USD $0.45 per mile plus local tax (paid on return of the vehicle)

Additional Extras:

  • Camping Chairs: USD $9 per chair. / Camping Table: Free
    (please note: No BBQ's or Child Seats available - The parents and/or guardians traveling with children are responsible for the child / booster seat)
  • GPS: USD $70 per rental
  • Generator: USD $3 per hour (payable at the end of your rental). 
  • 4-Bike Carrier without bikes: USD $50 (no bikes available)
  • August Season Surcharge: USD $300 LAS / USD $500 LAX / SEA resp. USD $1,000 SFO must be pre-paid for ALL pickups from 19 to 27 AUG - to be confirmed. (please note a USD $1,500 security deposit is charged (and not just authorised)
  • Season Surcharge: USD $250 NYC must be pre-paid for ALL pickups from 16 SEP to 05 OCT - to be confirmed 
  • Sunpass Transponder (SPT): USD $5 per night (max. USD $50 per booking ; available with MCO pick up only)
  • Supplemental Liability Insurance: USD $10 per night.
  • WiFi Hotspot (WiFi rental): USD $125 include 1.5 GB data (expires after 30 days), connects up to 5 WiFi enabled devices. Fees may change at any time and without prior notice. Devices are subject to availability and reception is limited to 3G/4G cell phone data carrier coverage. Additional data can be purchased online.
    Updated Refill plans
    Discovery - USD $40 - valid for 4 weeks - extra 512 MB of data
    Explore - USD $70 - valid for 4 weeks - extra 1.5 GB of data
    Seasoned - USD $120 - valid for 4 weeks - extra 3 GB of data
    Proficient - USD $150 - valid for 4 weeks - extra 4 GB of data

Colorado Road Safety Fee:
A surcharge of USD $2 per night (maximum USD $90 per booking) applies to all rentals picking up from the Denver branch.

New Jersey Security Fee:
USD $5 per day (max USD $140) applies to all NYC Pick ups.

Winterized vehicles:
In areas with temperatures below freezing the fresh and waste water systems will be drained and CANNOT be used! When dropping off at a branch with sub-freezing temperatures a $100.00 re-winterization fee will be applied. Any damages caused by liquid freezing in the pipes will be charged to the rental customer.

Local Sales Tax:
INCLUDED for all pre-booked items. Local taxes apply to all pick up & drop off charges.
Exempt from local sales taxes are SLI insurance, NJ Security- and Colorado Road Safety Fee.

Taxes and Governmental Fees:
Local sales taxes apply to all pick up & drop-off charges and may change at any time. Newly assessed governmental fees (other than sales tax or DMV fees) not known at this time will be collected from the customer at pick up.

Security Deposit:
You are required to leave a security deposit of USD $1,000 at the time of pick up.
This amount will be blocked on your Visa / Mastercard / American Express / Euro credit card.

When the August Season Surcharge is applied a $1,500 deposit is charged (and not just authorized).

Additional deposits may be required or charged for special events such as a regional festival, “Coachella”, “Burning Man”, “Stagecoach, “Further Future”, “NASCAR”, when a surcharge applies or if no mileage has been pre-paid, etc. Vehicle will not be handed out in case of insufficient funds; the reservation will be cancelled and prepaid funds are forfeit.

Security deposit will be released when the vehicle has been returned clean, undamaged and on time.

One Way Fees:
The following one way fees will apply:


One Way Specials:
No One Way Fees for below one-ways & dates

  • DEN / LAS to LAS / LAX / NYC / SEA / SFO no one way with Pick up starting 01 April 2021 and latest drop off 31 May 2021(to be confirmed).
  • MCO to DEN / LAS / LAX / NYC / SEA / SFO no one way with pick up after 01 April 2021 and latest drop off 15 July 2021 (to be confirmed).
  • DEN / LAS / LAX / SEA to DEN / SEA no one way with pick up from 15 July 2021 to 22 August 2021. (to be confirmed)
  • DEN / LAS / LAX / NYC to LAS / SEA / SFO no one way with pick up from 01 October to 31 October 2021 (to be confirmed).
  • DEN / LAS / LAX / NYC / SEA / SFO to MCO no one way pick up from 01 October 2021
    to 30 November 2021 (to be confirmed).

Credit Cards
VISA, Master / Euro, American Express cards are accepted. No pre-paid credit cards are accepted.

Burning Man Festival:
This year the requests to attend the "Burning Man Festival" will again coincide with the requests by families. To ensure that families can rent a motorhome and for operational reasons we discourage the relatively short Burning Man bookings. Currently we are not accepting ‘typical’ Burning Man bookings and will review again in the upcoming spring.

Drivers Licence:
The valid, original national driver's license is required amd must be presented for each driver (no photocopies). In addition we recommend that foreign customers have an international driver's license or an English translation of the license issued by their home country. All drivers must meet the below age requirement shown below.

Drivers Age:
The minimum age to drive the vehicle is 25 to Maximum 79 years ( 21 to 24 years with prior authorisation only).


Public Liability Insurance (Included in the daily rate)
The Public Liability Insurance covers a 3rd party collision in the event that the renter is at fault. The policy protects the rental company up to USD $1,000,000 and the renter to Statutory Limits (State mandated minimum liability coverage). Liability Insurance has no deductible and current limits can be checked under the following web-address:

SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance)
The optional SLI coverage provides the customer with an increased limit of liability protection. SLI protects the renter and any authorized driver listed on the rental contract for up to USD $1,000,000 toward 3rd party damage claims.

Premium VIP Insurance (Included in the daily rate)
VIP includes secondary comprehensive and collision coverage for the rented vehicle with a deductible of USD $1,000 per incident (A USD $1,000 Security Deposit will be authorized on a major credit card).

Coverage includes but is not limited to:

  • Accidental damages to the vehicle (renter’s or 3rd party’s fault).
  • "Uninsured Motorist" in case the renter is involved in an accident with a non-insured driver
  • Windshield & glass damage
  • Vehicle theft and fire (personal property and items in the vehicle are always excluded)
  • Windscreen & glass damage, and
  • Vandalism

No insurance coverage is provided (liability or comprehensive & collision) while traveling into non-authorized areas including but not limited to the country of Mexico, the inner cities of New York, Montreal and Quebec (Canada).

Non-Covered Damages (including but not limited to):
Customer has full legal and financial responsibility in case of:

  • Damages to the interior of the vehicle;
  • Personal injury, personal items and property;
  • Carrying more passengers than having seat belts available;
  • Deliberate or willful damages caused by the renter or his guests;
  • Damages caused to the vehicle by abuse or misuse for illegal activities;
  • Damages where the customer is charged by the local authorities for being careless;
  • Damages caused by freezing, e.g. unit not winterized, or overheating of vehicle or systems;
  • Driving the vehicle without a rental agreement, in breach or violation of the rental agreement;
  • Damages and accidents caused under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other controlled substance;
  • Damages and injuries caused by neglecting proper operating procedures, e.g. incorrect fuel type or quality, ignoring oil or coolant levels, air pressure, etc., by overloading the vehicle and/or exceeding the legal towing capacity (towing limit is with proper equipment 1,500 lbs. – enclosed trailers, boats or vehicles are not allowed);
  • Damages where the customer is showing gross negligence or willfulness in failing to abide by the local laws and rules or disregarding common sense resulting in damage to the vehicle or third-party vehicle or property;
  • Operation of the vehicle by anyone not meeting the age requirements as shown on the rate sheet and rental terms & conditions, or not listed on the rental agreement or not having a valid, original driver license; and
  • Damages and losses due to "off-road" usage, or caused during travel in or thru restricted areas, following incorrect GPS guidance, traveling into non-authorized areas including but not limited to the country of Mexico, the inner cities of New York, Montreal and Quebec (Canada) license.

Please take note: In case of a claim, Britz USA will not act as an adjuster for any third party insurances purchased by the renter (such as $ 0.00 deductible insurance, etc.).

Technical Difficulties with the Vehicle and its Features
While our first and foremost priority is to provide our mutual customers an excellent and high quality vehicle and service, unexpected technical difficulties can arise. To ensure that our mutual customers can enjoy their motorhome experience we provide an extensive vehicle explanation and with every vehicle an operations manual and the phone number of our 24-hours/7-days help line which is free of charge from any landline in the USA.

Please note: We are not returning phone calls or accepting requests to call a customer back because customers may be hiking, visiting a museum, etc. and not at the vehicle when we call. The customers shall call when at or nearby the vehicle. When we receive a phone call we differentiate between an inconvenience and an emergency:

• We define an Inconvenience as something that requires the customer to spend additional time, a workaround or a non-safety related feature is not available. Examples are purchasing ice because the refrigerator is not working, the DVD player not working or the slide-out is not extending and therefore the interior space not increased.

• We define as Emergency when the motorhome cannot be driven safely anymore. An example is when the engine stopped working. In this case the Vacation Interruption (VIP) Insurance applies.

Vacation Interuption Protection - (VIP) Insurance
Should the renter’s motorhome vacation be interrupted by an automotive mechanical breakdown, not accident or damages caused by the renter, for more than 12 working hours after reporting this to Britz USA, the renter will be reimbursed for the greater of the gross daily rental rate or expenses for hotel rooms up to USD $25 per person per night and car rental up to USD $50 per day per motorhome with a combined maximum of USD $1,500 per rental agreement.

Such reimbursement is only possible when we had the chance to take care of the problem and the customer cooperated to do so. Defects and repairs of Wi-Fi, GPS, radio, TV, CD or DVD player, generator, AC, refrigerator, heater, water heater, slide-out room, awning, cruise control, etc. are not considered mechanical breakdowns and are excluded from VIP reimbursement. Refund of expenses is only possible against proper receipts.

In the Event of an Accident:
Insurance coverage may be void if the following instructions are not followed: The customer must

  • Obtain from the police officer investigating the accident a local police report,
  • Notify Britz USA as soon as possible but not later than 24 hours after the accident,
  • Provide not later than the return of the vehicle the completed accident report form which is supplied to the customer and located in the vehicle along with the registration & insurance papers; such full-written report must contain the other party's name, address, phone number, driver's license number, date of accident, etc.

All documents relating to the accident must include a police report or identifying number.

Unauthorized Extension of the Rental Period:
For an unauthorized late return after 12:00 pm the sum of a) the actual gross rental rate night plus b) USD $300 for administration and handling will be charged for each day late, or part thereof. If the customer contacts Britz USA at least one business day before the vehicle is due for drop-off and obtains the proper authorization to extend in writing the regular rental rate (gross) will apply and is due at the time of extension

Customer Orientation:
At all locations our staff speak German and English, Dutch, French, Spanish is spoken at some locations.
After completing the paperwork the clients get a very thorough personal walk-thru of the motorhome. In addition every vehicle is equipped with an operation manual in German and English. In case of an emergency, accident or technical problems, clients may call 24-hours a day / 7 days a week the emergency toll free number which is printed on the keychain.

Child / Booster Seat:
The parents or guardians are responsible that the applicable laws in regards to child or booster seat are followed.

Vehicle Length:
If a customer requires the exact measurements to make arrangements with a ferry or other service such customer need to book with our sister company Road Bear RV. For Britz USA we cannot guarantee the length of the assigned vehicle.

Gasoline and Propane:
The cost of gasoline and propane is not included in any rent and Britz USA does not assume responsibility for estimates of consumption. All vehicles are delivered with full tanks and the customer is expected to return the vehicle with full tanks or will be charged accordingly.

The customer is responsible for checking engine oil and coolant levels at each refueling as well as reporting mechanical failures immediately. Coolant refills and authorized repairs will be reimbursed upon return of the vehicle and presentation of all receipts (see mechanical breakdown). It is the driver's responsibility to operate the vehicle in a safe manner and to exercise all caution possible.

Mechanical Breakdown:
For maintenance and repairs exceeding USD $50 the customer must call the Britz USA 24-hour / 7 days toll free helpline to get an authorization. Non-authorized invoices over USD $50 will not be reimbursed. Receipts and replaced parts must be presented for reimbursement. Customer will be held responsible for mechanical damage due to negligence in operation and/or maintenance.

Parking and Traffic Violations:
It is the client’s responsibility to report and pay at drop-off for all parking and traffic violations. Failing to report these violations at drop-off will cause a charge of a USD $100 administrative fee per violation plus the fine (including all late charges) to the client’s credit card.

Vehicle Substitution:
If for any reason the booked vehicle should not be available Britz USA reserves the right to substitute a higher-rated vehicle at no additional cost. Should a lower-rated vehicle be substituted the Britz USA liability is limited to the refund of the gross rate difference of the two vehicles. No vehicle substitution does entitle to any other compensation than the one mentioned above.

Cleaning Fee:
The clients are responsible to return the vehicle with the interior clean and holding tanks dumped. The vehicles exterior does not require cleaning by the customer. Cleaning and dumping charges apply as posted at the drop-off location.

Complimentary Transfer:
Complimentary transfers are provided once a day to (but not from) the airports DEN / EWR / LAS / LAX / MCO / OAK / SEA / SFO 11 (neither JFK nor La Guardia) and at all rental locations from/to named airport hotels. The complimentary permitted amount of luggage is in accordance with the airline regulations for economy passengers (1 suitcase max. 50 lbs. / 23 kg plus 2 pieces of hand luggage per person). Excessive luggage is the customer’s responsibility.

The parents or guardians are responsible to provide for the transfer according to the applicable laws a child seat or booster. Britz USA cannot bring the child seat or booster from the branch to the transfer point. We advise the customer to bring it with them from home or having it shipped to the hotel.

Clients cannot pick up the vehicle the day they arrive with an inter-continental flight or from South America.
We recommend therefore spending the first night in an airport hotel or motel. Priority shuttle service will be granted to customers who have made contact at least 72 hours in advance, via you or the online check-in system with their transfer location and how they can be reached so we may inform them about the exact pick-up time for the transfer. If customers choose not to supply the transfer location 72 hours in advance the complimentary shuttle service cannot be guaranteed.

The complimentary shuttle leaves the transfer location from Monday to Friday normally after 12:30. On Saturday based on appointment. Please note the limited Saturday hours. If the customer has provided us the transfer location and how we can reach them but not received the exact pick-up time for the transfer at 4:00 pm the day before vehicle pick-up, we advise the customer to call the pick-up rental station between 8:00 am and 9:00 am on the pick-up day.

Transfer from Branch:
The complimentary airport (hotel) shuttle leaves at 11:00 at all branches.

Pick Up and Drop Off Times:
At pick up the main renter must be present with the original driver license and physical credit card showing his/her name. We also require the original driver’s license for any additional drivers in order for them to be insured and legally allowed to drive the motorhome. We accept the original driver’s license in English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, or Italian. If the driver’s license is in any language other than the above an international driver’s license or an official English translation must be presented at pick-up alongside the original.

We have the right, and legal obligation, to deny a renter the motorhome when the renter seems not capable to drive a motorhome, e.g. intoxicated, suspicion to be under drug influence, etc. While it is possible that somebody else in the party drives the main renter will in such cases - no original driver license, not deemed to be fit to drive - not be listed on the rental agreement as driver and therefore not be covered by any insurance. Still the main renter remains fully responsible for the motorhome. If the main renter wants to be entered as driver he/she needs to return at a later time to one of our branches and obtain an updated rental agreement.

Vehicle pick up time
from Monday to Friday is between 12.30pm and 4.00 pm.
Saturday - Call for an appointment

To avoid waiting times all customers are asked to check-in online and communicate with the branch to schedule the exact pick-up time. A very limited number of earlier and free of charge appointments may be available by calling the pick-up branch two or three business days prior to pick-up.

Vehicle drop-off time starts at 8:00 am has to be concluded at 10:30 am.
Later drop-offs will not be entitled to get a complimentary transfer back to the airport hotels or airport.

Vehicle not at originally agreed drop-off Branch returned
Should Clients not return the vehicle at the branch which was agreed in writing, for example on the rental agreement, we will charge the client for tranferring the motorhome to the branch agreed in writing.

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday to Friday: 8am - 5:00pm (NYC: from NOV to FEB 09:00 to 16:00)
  • Saturday: 8am - 1pm (or during high season as required) - (NYC: from NOV to FEB by appointment)
  • Closed Sundays and all Holidays shown below

Statutory Holidays :

31 May 2021
Memorial Day
05 July 2021
Independence Day
06 September 2021
Labor Day
25 November 2021
Thanksgiving Day
25 December 2021
01 January 2022
New Years Day
21 February 2022
Washington's Birthday

Pets, Smoking and Travel Restrictions:

  • Pets: Pets are not allowed. A USD $250 minimum cleaning / deodorising fees applies.
  • Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in all vehicles. A USD $250 minimum cleaning / deodorizing fee applies.
  • Mexico: Traveling into Mexico is not permitted.
  • Death Valley: Traveling into Death Valley is not permitted between June 15 and September 15
  • Alaska: Traveling within Alaska, Yukon and Northwest Territories is permitted as long as Britz USA has been advised at the time of booking.
  • Other: Traveling on any private, gravel, dirt or logging roads and other non-public roads, beaches, etc. and in the Inner city of New York, Montreal and Quebec City (Canada) is not permitted.

Britz USA will hold the customer responsible for disregarding these restrictions including accidents, mechanical breakdowns and thefts occurring in a travel restricted area

Toll Road System in the Florida Keys
Since February 2011 the Florida Turnpike Enterprise has implemented an all-electronic open road tolling for the southern 47 miles stretch of the Turnpike, from US1 in Florida City to the Miami-Dade/Broward County line. The old tollbooths have been eliminated and the toll-fees cannot be paid in cash anymore.

There are the following options for payment to travel on the Turnpike:

  • 1. Customers picking up in MCO may conveniently rent a Sun Pass transponder at the branch.
  • A SunPass Transponder can be obtained by calling 1-888-865-5352 or visiting The transponder will allow traveling on toll roads by paying money into the personal SunPass account.
  • 2. The “TOLL-BY-PLATE” program can be used as an alternative. This program captures an image of the vehicle license plate and bills the registered owner of the vehicle for the toll amount. The “TOLL-BY-PLATE” program allows the customer to call in to register for a “TOLL-BY-PLATE” account and to pay for tolls before an invoice will be issued. Payments can be made by cash, credit/debit card on-line or through new payment kiosks located at major retail stores.
Be Aware
Florida State Law (Statue 316.1001) requires payment of prescribed tolls for the usage of toll facilities. Failure to comply with this statute may result in the assessment of a USD $100 or more civil penalty, assessment of court costs, and suspension of the vehicle registration and/or suspension of the driver's license. It will be important for the customer to inform the Britz USA drop-off location of the fact that they traveled on the Florida Turnpike regardless of what option they choose.

In case that an invoice for toll fees will be sent to Britz USA as the registered owner of the vehicle, all fees due will be charged to the customer’s credit card on file and processed according to our rental provisions with regards to traffic citations (incl. administrative fees).

Shortening of Rental Period:
If a renter shortens their hire period by more than a week - it may be treated as a cancellation of the whole booking and a re-booking. This depends on when the amendment takes place and how many days of hire are being cancelled. Please ensure you always have travel insurance in place.

Cancellation and Amendment Fees:
Every cancellation needs to be made in writing. The cancellation fee will be calculated based on the business day Britz USA has received the cancellation.
Minimum cancellation fee - $100
If cancelled 60+ days prior to pick up - $100
If cancelled 59 to 30 days prior to pick up - 20% of the nightly rental charge minus any applied discount plus one way fee if applicable (minimum $350)
If cancelled 29 to 15 days prior to pick up - 50% of the nightly rental charge minus any applied discount plus one way fee if applicable (minimum $350)
If cancelled 14 to 5 days prior to pick up - 100% of the nightly rental charge minus any applied discount plus one way fee if applicable
If cancelled 4 to 0 days prior to pick up and "No Show" - 100% of the nightly rental charge minus any applied discount plus season surcharge plus one way fee if applicable

Please note: No refund will be given for delayed pick-ups / early returns, unused mileage or for "no shows".

We strongly recommend that renters ensure they take out the highest level of Travel Insurance.

Booking Changes:
One free change per booking can be made up to 61 days prior to pick up, USD $50 for any additional change. Bookings will be revised to the rate and/or discount level (such as Early Bird, Super Deal Rate Code, etc.) applicable at the time of name, date, and vehicle or location revision.

Britz USA reserves the right to refuse any rental at our discretion.

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