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Cruise Canada RV Hire
Cruise Canada Motorhomes
RV and Campervan Rental - Rates in Canadian Dollars
Rates Valid: 01 April 2018 to 31 March 2019

01 April 2019 to 31 March 2020 Rates

Vehicle Information Page

Cruise Canada Depot Locations
Calgary - Halifax - Montreal - Toronto - Vancouver

Click here for Cruise Canada Depot Details PDF

Early Bird Departure Special (EBDS)
(must be reserved and pre-paid) 30 days or more in advance
You will be the first on the road with first pick of the vehicles

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2018 / 2019 Flex Rates
Flex Rates give you the very best available price for the motorhome you want to rent. If you book early and there are plenty of motorhomes available, you will pay a much lower price. If you book closer to departure date or book for a high demand period then the rate will be higher. Please see further details on Flex rates below

Please Contact us for this weeks great Flex Rates


T17 Truck Camper

Sleeps 3 **

C19 Motorhome

Sleeps 3

C25 Motorhome

Sleeps 5

C30 Motorhome

Sleeps 7
** Please note:
T17 Truck Camper only available in Calgary & Vancouver
BC Surcharge applies to T17 Truck Camper rentals in Vancouver
CAD $1.50 per day up to 28 days (no surcharge applies to rentals over 28 days)
Payable directly at Vancouver depot.

The Halifax depot opens 16 April 2018 and is closed between 08 October 2018 and 15 April 2019.
No departures or returns allowed during this time.

The Flex rates include:

  • Statutory Liability Coverage
  • Primary Coverage up to CAD $1,000,000
  • VIP Coverage ($1,000 deductible per incident)

The Flex rates do not include:

  • Mileage Charges
  • Taxes
  • Optional Extras
  • One-Way Rental Fees

Minimum Rental Periods:
All Motorhomes - 1 Week (7 Nights).

Group Booking Policy:
All booking requests of 4 or more vehicles is considered a Group Booking and must be approved by Cruise America prior to rate confirmation.

Additional Extras:

  • Personal Kits: CAD $55 per person.
  • Vehicle Provisioning Kit: CAD $100 per vehicle.
  • Generator: CAD $7 per day. (Or $3.50 per hour - payable at the end of your rental) Gasoline Powered 110 Volt. The generator is not required for normal vehicle operation.
    (please note: only the C30 motorhome comes equipped with a generator)
Cruise Canada Personal Kits include:
Sleeping Bag or Blanket
Pillow Case
Flat Sheet
Bath Towel
Dish Towel
Cruise Canada Vehicle Kit include:
Flash Light
Can Opener
Plastic Pail
Cooking Spoon
Cooking Fork
Coffee Cups
Soup Bowls
Tea Kettle
Mixing Bowl
Soup Spoons
Steak Knives

Dinner Forks
Dinner Knives
Dinner Plates
Paring Knife
Carving Knife

Please note that items may vary slightly between locations

Mileage Options:

  • Pack of 100 kilometers: CAD $25 per pack.
  • Pack of 500 kilometers: CAD $125 per pack.
  • Additional Kilometers: CAD $0.34c - payable on excess kilometers at the end of your rental.
  • Unlimited Miles: CAD $875 for up to 21 days. CAD $36 per day thereafter.
  • Unlimited Miles Plus Package: Includes unlimited mileage, one vehicle departure kit, one personal kit for each passenger and unlimited use of the vehicle generator, if applicable. The cost is CAD $1,125 for rentals up to 21 days. For each additional day (after the 21st), there is an additional charge of CAD $36 per day.

One Way Fees:


Early Bird Departure Special:
You will be the first on the road with first pick of the vehicles. Including:

  • Early Morning Pick up, with Transfers from designated hotels at 8:30am.
  • First in line service and the rental centre.
  • Vehicle departure between 9am and no later than noon.
  • Option to return late, up to 3pm.
  • Return transfers to designated hotels or airport.

All departure days: CAD $350
** Sunday Departures are not allowed

Tax is applicable on all charges. The pick up location determines the tax amount as follows


Flex Rates:
Cruise Canada's Daily Rental Rates are know as 'Flex Rates' . These give you the very best available price for the motorhome you want to rent. If you book early and there are plenty of motorhomes available, you will pay a much lower price. If you book closer to departure date or book for a high demand period then the rate will be higher. This is a similar system to that used by airlines.

No mileage is included in the Flex rates. Choose from the available mileage options above. Once booked and confirmed, should you need to change, the rate will be re-calculated using the most current Flex rate and compared to the existing flex rate. The higher rate will prevai. Changing party size or adding pre-paid items does not consitute a change. Flex rate valid for 35 days and on day 36 a new Flex rate will apply.

Canadian Holidays 2018 / 2019:

01 January
New Years Day
All Locations
12 February
Family Day
19 February
Family Day
Calgary & Toronto
30 March
Good Friday
All Locations
21 May
Victoria Day
All Locations
25 June
St. Jean-Baptiste Day
Montreal Only
02 July
Canada Day
All Locations
06 August
B.C. Day
Vancouver Only
06 August
Civic Day
Halifax Only
03 September
Labour Day
All Locations
08 October
All Locations
12 November
Rememberance Day
Vancouver and Calgary Only
25 December
Christmas Day
All Locations
26 December
Boxing Day
Toronto Only
01 January
New Years Day
All Locations
11 February
Family Day
Vancouver only
18 February
Family Day
Calgary and Toronto only

General Notes:
The date of pick up determines the rate for the whole period.
If arriving off an international flight, first night must be in hotel/motel.
Transfers are not provided - except on Earlybird programme
Normal departure time from depot is: 13:00 hrs - except Earlybird programme
Normal vehicle return time is between 09:00 hrs and 11:00 hours
- except Earlybird programme

A basic refundable security deposit of CAD $500 AND the use of a credit card to pay for all local charges and deposits is required at departure. For payment of any local charges and deposit by other than credit card, the security deposit is CAD $1,500.

Days Closed
All Rental Centers are closed on Sundays and Holidays. No departures, no exceptions please. No returns, whatever the circumstance, can be scheduled on Sundays and Holidays.

Ferry Restrictions:
Ferry reservations can be dificult to manage during high season. We recommend your clients make a reservation for at least a 30 foot vehicle on the ferry, irrespective as to the size of the motorhome reserved, to avoid problems due to possible upgrades.

Travel Restrictions:
Coverages are invalid if problems occur in the following areas and all recovery expenses are at your own cost. Violations of these restrictions void damage waivers and the client will be held liable for all vehicle damages including to tires, towing charges and other related expenses as a result of a break down associated with operating in these areas. Clients should consult the Renter Assistance Guide and the departure location personnel for complete information on travel restrictions and local circumstances at the time they collect their motorhome.

Alaska, Yukon and Northwest Territories, & Newfoundland
Travel on all public and/or numbered roads is permitted. Travel on non-public roads, unpaved back roads, trails and the like commonly called ‘logging roads’ or on any surface subjecting the vehicle to unreasonable damage or road hazard is prohibited. You may receive further information from Cruise America regarding seasonal travel restrictions as well. We reserve the right to restrict travel, dependent on current road conditions.

Death Valley
Vehicles may be operated with EXTREME CARE in Death Valley and other desert areas during the months of July and August. In Summer, clients visit these areas at their own risk and Cruise America will not be held responsible for extraordinary vehicle recovery and other charges. During certain periods these areas are not habitable and could pose a danger to the driver and passengers.

Manhattan, New York City
Due to restrictions on vehicle heights, propane gas and parking, vehicles with propane are not permit ted in Manhattan and are not permitted to travel through any underground or underwater tunnels.

The client is strictly forbidden to take Cruise America vehicles across the US border to Mexico.

Winter Warning: Vehicle operating systems are not fully operable during subfreezing temperatures. Check the Renter Assistance Guide for winter operations but be aware that in Canada and northern US cities vehicles are likely to have anti-freeze in holding tanks meaning that vehicle water facilities will not be available to you.
Click here for more information 34kb PDF

Click here for further Cruise Canada Terms and Conditions

All prices in Canadian Dollars (CAD) - If you'd like to know your exact price in any currency, please use the menu at the top left and use the Currency Converter, OR simply send us an Enquiry / Booking or Quotation request

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